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Board of Trustees

Fund operations are directed by the Board of Trustees, elected by the general membership of the Fund. The Trustees meet four to five times a year and are responsible for management and oversight of the Fund. They review financial performance, underwriting performance, and authorize all claim settlements.

Debbie Barosko, Chair, East Lansing 
Ms. Barosko represents the University Club at Michigan State University.
Bill Fountain, Vice-Chair, Hartland 
Mr. Fountain represents Lake Walden Country Club.
Scott Cummings, Trustee, Franklin
Mr. Cummings represents Franklin Hills Country Club.
Jim Farhat, Trustee, Orchard Lake
Mr. Farhat represents Pine Lake Country Club.
Kevin Frantz, Trustee, South Lyon
Mr. Frantz represents Walnut Creek Country Club.
Gilda Johnson, Trustee, Ann Arbor
Ms. Johnson represents Lake Forest Golf Club, LLC.